Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The French Ordonnance

Well, here is the first draft of the French Ordonnance army for War and Conquest.  As far as my research has found there is not as much information available regarding the French Ordonnance as the Burgundians.  This may be due in part to the well preserved ducal archive of Burgundy, as well as the fact that the Swiss preserved many items after the Burgundian defeat at Nancy.  In either case, here is the expanded French Ordonnance list I have come up with.  As always, comments welcome and Enjoy!

French Ordonnance: 1445-1500
Army Composition:
Personalities: Up to 25%
Lance Troops: up to 50%
Infantry: At least 25%
Feudal and Levied Troops: Up to 25%
Allied Troops and Artillery: Up to 25%
0-1 Army General9321170
May upgrade to 2 SIP and MO 10 (+50). May add up to 2 SIP for +20 each. Army General. Zone of Command 10"
Ally General8221140
May add up to 2 SIP for +20 each. May be Army General in the absence of the Army General. Zone of Command 10"
Brigade Commander8221110
May add 1 SIP (+20). Must join a unit at the start of the battle, may not leave that unit. Zone of Command 10"
Army Standard822080
Increases the zone of command of whichever personality he is attached to by 5" so long as he remains within 5" of the personality.
Lance Troops
Ordonnance Gendarmes43388/7*35Regular
and Coustiliers
Rides a horse, Armed with a Lance. Unit is AV5 and D8 as long as it remains above half strength.
At or below half strength, the unit is AV4 and D7. Unit is 0-1 per unit of Ordonnance Archers
Shock Cavalry 1, Drilled
Dismounted Gendarmes4348725Regular
Full Plate, Two Handed Weapon. May be Drilled (+2). may be riding horses (+2) At or below half strength the unit is AV3.
Ordonnance Archers
Mounted: Rides a Horse, Armed with a Thrusting Spear. Light Armor. May upgrade to Heavy Armor (+2)
Dismounted: Armed with a Bow, Hand Weapon, Light Armor. Riding Horses. May upgrade to Crossbows (+3)
French Partisanmen3337711Regular
Armed with a Halberd and Heavy Armor. 0-1 unit may be equipped with Partial Plate (+2). May exchange Halberd for Spear (free). May upgrade to CA4 (+2)
Unit is 0-1 per unit of Francs Archers
Francs Archers223674Regular
Armed with Bow and Hand Weapon. Undisciplined. Unmotivated.
Armed with a Long Thrusting Spear and Buckler. May have Light Armor (+2).
Medieval Phalanx. Only After 1479
Armed with a Crossbow and hand weapon. May have light armor (+2), May be riding horses (+2) May take Stakes or Pavises (+2)
Feudal and Levied Troops
Mounted Crossbowmen2337715Skirmish
Rides a horse, Armed with a Light Crossbow and hand weapon. May upgrade to light armor (+2) or heavy
armor (+3)
Feudal Men at Arms4337713Regular
Armed with Partial Plate and Hand Weapon. May upgrade to Full Plate (+2) and Double Handed Weapon (+3)
French Spearmen333678Regular
Armed with Thrusting spear. May upgrade to Light (+2) or Heavy (+3) armor. May take Shield (+1). Only before 1465.
Bretons or Bidets333677Skirmish
Armed with a Javelin and shield.
Gascon Crossbowmen and Slingers223678Skirmish
Armed with a Crossbow and Hand Weapon. May have sling instead of crossbow (-4)
Allies and Artillery
0-1 Scots Guard4438722Light
Armed with a Longbow, Buckler, Two Handed Sword, and Light Armor. May be Riding Horses (+2)
May upgrade to Heavy Armor (+2). May be Drilled (+4)
IV/79 Later Swiss Allies
0-1 Organ Gun
0-1 Light Cannon